Private yoga lessons

Therapuetic bodywork & yoga

 Jodi utilizes the modality needed to help bring balance to each and every client. Hot Stones maybe used to warm and loosen tissue while moving energy. Paraffin Wax may be used to warm and relieve pain assiocated with arthritis.

Cupping may be used to help with pain, inflammation and blood flow. 

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hot stone therapy / parafin wax therapy / cupping 

Jodi teaches alignment based yoga. Jodi's yoga teacher studies began in 2007. As an Exercise Physiologist and self declared fitness nut Jodi gravitated toward biomechanically based yoga studies. Jodi's teaching is infused and even directed by her own spiritual practice. 

Jodi has studied with

Amy Ipolliti, Bernadette Birney, Martin Kirk and Christina Sell. Today Jodi studies primarily with Amy Ippoliti.

Merriam Webster defines Therapuetic as providing or assisting in a cure. In both therapuetic bodywork and therapuetic yoga Jodi utilizes all of her training to help her clients come into alignment and bring ease to their bodies. Jodi's longtime client describes it this way:      "First, Jodi listens to you and observes you.  Then, using her extensive knowledge of human anatomy and yoga practice along with her analytical skills, she engages with your issues to help you get the most benefit out of your time with her.  And, while doing so, she challenges and encourages you by sprinkling her instructions with good stories, bits of wisdom, and laughs."

 ~Dorothy W

Jodi Knox