Bio-mechanically Aligned Strength Based Yoga

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Biomechanics is the science of human movement which includes muscles, bones, joints, tendons, and ligaments.There are safe and efficient ways to engage your muscles; aligning bones and joints for a productive, steady yoga practice.

Bio-mechanically Aligned Strength Based Yoga with Jodi

Bio-mechanically Aligned Strength Based Yoga is a type of yoga that requires engaged muscles in order to create shapes, asanas... An effective intelligent asana practice which involves stability in order to create stretch. Without stability stretching is moving not stretching. Let me explain. In the photo above if the muscular engagement of the left leg were absent the left hip joint would simply move with the right leg as it bends, not stretch. The left foot is grounded. The left leg is isometrically contracted in a particular way in order to create stability for a safe and effective stretch. We need muscular engagement to create safe, effective stretching. There are three types of contractions: Concentric, Eccentric and Isometric contraction. Concentric Contraction creates shortening in the muscle with contraction. Eccentric contraction creates lengthening in the muscle with contraction. With an isometric contraction the muscle is working however not changing length. The muscles of the left leg above are isometrically contracting(hugging into the bones and down into the ground) in order to create stability which allows the right knee to bend, creating stretch. The muscles of the upper right leg (Hamstrings and Rectus Femoris) are concentrically contracting as the knee bends into warrior two. If after creating this warrior two shape, I asked you to isometrically drag your feet towards one another you would be engaging muscles however not changing their length. This is the definition of isometric contraction.
As we engage our muscle in Bio-mechanically Aligned Strength Based Yoga we are create our own personal harness which holds us safely as we stretch.

Jodi Knox MS, LMT, ACSM EP, E-RYT 200


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